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Zohaib Hassan
Earned 476/-

After enrolling in and taking the Freelancing course lectures, I was very much influenced and started working as a freelancer once again on fiverr. 

Syed Waseem Abbas Bukhari
Earned 36/-

After taking this course, I resumed earning from fiverr and completed project related WordPress migration after 3 months of gap in freelancing. The video lectures of Sir Hisham Sarwar have been very helpful.

Muhammad Shamoon Mughal
Earned 50/-

Alhamdulillah! Made my profile on UpWork and got an order in 2 days. Did 1st project after taking Freelancing course by Sir Hisham and implementing 7 Rangi Proposal formula! Client gave me $25 bonus, 5 stars & will hire me again! Thanks Sir Hisham.

Muhammad Owais
Earned 135/-

For me, there is no other Online Learning Program better than I have earned $125 so far & lot more opportunities ahead. More clients want to hire me. Special thanks to Sir Hisham for continous motivation. His techniques really work!

Sadia Rahman
Earned 86/-

I am M.A English & developed an interest in Freelance Writing. I had an account on Fiverr but no orders. I joined Freelancing Course at & applied techniques of Sir Hisham and earned $47! Thanks to DSTP for helping me learn new skills.

Earned 700/-

Before enrolling with I did not know much about freelancing. But the course taught me a lot specially about bidding. Just in a month my earnings doubled! Now I earn $400+ per month. The techniques I have learned made me lot of money.

Usra Yasmeen
Earned 1224/-

On Fiverr since 2017, but was disturbed as didn’t get a job. With’s help, got my 1st order of $5 and got Level 1. It has an incredible impact on my life, the happiness it brought to my family is priceless. Hard work is always fruitful.

Wajeeha Ali
Earned 85/-

I registered on freelancing websites, but could not get orders. Then, I learned about I carefully attended all lectures & followed instructions. I did 5 orders. Alhumdulillah. Thanks to team, may Allah bless you all!

hamza irshad
Earned 205/-

Sr Hisham boosted my spirit and told about the great initiative of At first, I did not get orders. But I kept biding, while enhancing my skills. Now, got a $5 project. taught me to focus, not lose hope and explore myself!

Hasaan Waheed
Earned 36/-

In one month, I have completed 2 projects of total $45 with 5 stars rating from the clients. Digiskills is a great program for learning. i am waiting for new courses to enroll.

Sijal Rehman
Earned 50/-

I am a content writer and completed two projects on upwork. My project is about to write an article by choosing an event from real life and another one is about 9/11.

Muhammad Waqar Arif
Earned 30/-

I Started my career as a Graphic Designer on Fiverr in 2016 but unfortunately i got disappointed. After watching lectures, i started again on fiverr as a Graphic Designer. Now I am getting orders from fiverr. 

Ali Haider
Earned 20/-

I am 1st batch trainee and after geting coching from SIR HISHAM SARWAR, I start freelancing. After starting my freelancer career in first 20 days, I complete $20 orders and also managing $100 order in progress. Thanks DigiSkills and Sir Hisham.

Fareeha Tariq
Earned 32/-

Assalam o Alaikum! I am an alumunus of VU in IT. With additional courses from helped me grow up professionally. Whatever I am today is all just because of VU. May ALLAH bless VU. Ameen!

Waqas Nawaz
Earned 40/-

After enrolling in the Program, I completed my first order of $ 50 on a Freelance website. Course Content provided by is very helpful and beneficial.

Iqbal Shehzada
Earned 200/-

After learning the Freelancing course from Mr. Hisham Sarwar, and applying the knowledge gained in the field, I started to excel. I got my first client on by following the guidelines provided by Mr. Hisham Sarwar. Thank you sir and DigiSkill

Fakhar Nisa
Earned 2500/-

I started my career in freelancing as a Graphics Designer, I chose this category because Designing is my passion. My first project was 10USD of logo designing and now I am working on different freelancing sites and generates my revenue. 

Muhammad Usman Afzal
Earned 5/-

I influenced towards freelancing after registering in DigiSkills programme in freelancing course and learn all the tools and technique that is nessary to become a good freelancer.

Muhammad Asif
Earned 84/-

I know the concept of freelancing science in 2013 but do not know how to start it. Thanks to DidiSkills program who provided a platform to a skilled person like me to be your own boss and special thanks Sir Hisham Server who motivate us.

Maimona Anjum
Earned 25/-

I am so excited to share my success-story with you. Earnings Total 15$ for 2 projects. ( I did 3 jobs, but my first client did not write a feedback). Total is 25$ I have also started earning on and but have earned upto 5$ yet

Abdullah Hussain
Earned 486/-

Hi, I am Level-One seller at fiverr since February 2018 as graphic designer. I completed 47 orders with 38 five star rating reviews. Working with 4 gigs and hoping to add more gigs as soon as possible. I earned most of money in August and September.

Kashif Hafeez
Earned 1100/-

Started working as a freelancer in 2018 and have worked as Server Administrator and WordPress. My First Order was Server Setup for $5. After taking this course, I have done 70 projects with 5 star rating

Talha Ismail
Earned 60/-

I joined Fiverr in January 2018 and After enrolling in DigiSkills and taking the Freelancing course lectures, I learned many things about freelancing which I do not know, it helped me a lot to earn from Fiverr.

Nasir Munir Raja
Earned 30/-

I have completed project on freelancer worth USD 30.

Abid Farooq
Earned 20/-

I started freelancing when I signup on digiskills, then i started learning freelancing from Sir Hisham Sarwar and learned the skills and great knowledge provide by a Best Teacher. after that start selling mine services on and got 2 orders.

Zaman Ashraf
Earned 410/-

I started working as a freelancer in 2017 and I am working on Fiverr as an SEO Consultant. It really helped me a lot and Also I got $110 Order and Now Alhamdullilah I am level 1 Seller on Fiverr and I have completed 29 Project with 27 Reviews.

Abdul Samad
Earned 300/-

I started work on in middle of Augusr our teacher Hisham Sarwar motivated me a lot in this regard.I am enrolled in digital marketing course,offering digital marketing and data entry services on freelance marketplace.

Anam Talib Hussain
Earned 23/-

Thanks for DigiSkills for providing this great platform for learning. 

Muhammad Irfan
Earned 35/-

I have started earnings in a profesional manner after joining DigiSkills. I am working on Fiverr as a WordPress Developer. I have received great reviews from my clients and they all want to continue working with me. Thanks DigiSkills.

Hamza Tauqeer
Earned 435/-

I have been working in freelancing before but the training gave me some new tricks to get more orders.

Waseem Ejaz
Earned 524/-

I learned many skills in this course and started my successful freelancing career.

Malik Touseef Ahmad
Earned 94/-

Within 1 week I completed my project and also get bonus. Special thanks to DigiSkills team and Sir Hisham Sarwar for sach a great support and teaching methodolgy. May ALLAH give you more.

Earned 680/-

I was doing freelancing before but after getting enrolled into DigiSkills I got some useful tips which helped me improve my skills, so as a whole this training is proving great help.

Sidra Riaz
Earned 20/-

I created my fiverr account 20 days ago with the gigs including data entry, virtual assistance and business card designing. Till now, I got 5 orders and  received good feedback from 3 clients. Thank you DigiSkills.

ayesha tayyaba
Earned 168/-

I started working on Fiverr as a web content writer and a data entry expert after enrolling in digiskills and alhumdolilah earned a total of 168 dollars with a 5 star rating so far and looking forward to getting more projects. 

Muhammad Talha
Earned 296/-

I made my account and my gigs related to graphics designing.I earned $296 so far.I learned many things from freelancing course which i implement on my profiles and gigs which help me to get orders.Thanks

Muhammad Arsalan
Earned 460/-

I started my career as a freelancer in 2017 worked as a graphic designer. After completing the Digiskills Course, it not only boosted my sales but polished my skills a lot. Thank You Digiskills and the respectful team for making such a great platform

Faizan Ali
Earned 124/-

The courses offered at Digiskills will take you to a whole different level of earning money with freedom. I have already started on Fiverr and earned $124 since the day this course started. I would like to Thank great human Sir Hisham.

Muhammad Wasim Janjua
Earned 50/-

Since 2014 I read a lot of stories aobut those people who earn through internet but did not know how they earn? I enrolled in DigiSkills program, after listining a lot of techniques by Sir Hisham sarwar and Dr. Yasir sir. I have made a gig on Fiverr

Muhammad Irfan
Earned 60/-

I started freelancing in 2012 but due to lack of proper guideline, I left. But after enrolling in digiskills program and due to Respected Sir Hisham Sarwar, I started again and today I completed my first order with 5 star rating.

Farhan Jamali
Earned 180/-

I have been  involved very much in freelancing field  i was looking to build more skills to earn more money I heared about Digiskills and I get enrolled and learned so much. Thanks to DigiSkill team and also many thanks to sir yasir, I will be part o

muddser baig
Earned 20/-

 DigiSkills motivates me to use my skill of logo designing as freelancer.and now ALHUMDULILLAH I started working on Fiverr. Thanks a lot sir and thanks a lot DigiSkills.

Aamir Amin
Earned 2000/-

My name is Aamir Amin. I have been doing freelancing since 2016. Just like many others in the industry. I learned many skills from this course. I am an SEO Expert and selling my service on Upwork and Fiverr. Thank you!

laiba taskeen
Earned 20/-

I am a software engineer doing a job as an SQA Engineer in Islamabad. I started this course and randomly started bidding just to get an idea of how it works and I have got a regular client. It helped me to build up my Fiverr profile.

awais javed
Earned 20/-

Alhamdulilallah now i started earning on Fiverr because of digiskill now my aim is to become a top rated seller on Fiverr. This is all because of my freelancer course teacher as well as DigiSkills so i am very thankful all team of digiskill.

Aroosa amanat
Earned 55/-

I am working on Fiverr since Jan2018. I recently did a Project of a client on fiver of creating a Social Media business profiles Facebook and Instagram page and integrate them with his Shopify store.

Tajammul Hussain
Earned 32/-

I am Tajammul Hussain from Sahiwal. After joining the Freelancing course under Sir Hisham Sarwar I restarted my career as a freelancer in the light of instructions of Sir Hisham. I started working on fiverr and completed 3 orders with 5 start ratings

Abdul Mughis Arain
Earned 15/-

I began learning on this platform and after sometime got success. I am very thankful to DigiSkills team and trainers who made us capable of getting such success, as it is somehow impossible to achieve these goal without this platform.

Imran shah
Earned 64/-

After enrolling in Digiskills and taking the freelancing course lectures, i started working as a freelancer on fiverr and Alhamdullilh so far completed several projects successfully.  Thanks to Degiskills and all LMS team for arranging this platform

Rafia Irshad
Earned 70/-

 I started freelancing 5 months ago, I created account on Fiverr for content writting,  it was difficult in the beginning, because getting an order without rating quite difficult task. Till now I have completed 7 orders of same client and earn $70.

Qamar javed
Earned 132/-

I am a Computer Science graduate. I started freelancing after watching Digiskills course. This is an amazing learning opportunity. Thanks, Digiskills program to provide such type of training and especially the mentors are awesome.  Thanks, Sir Hisham

Azhar Uddin
Earned 116/-

I am working as a Mathematics Quiz and content writer. I have erand almost 116$ by working on 5-6 tasks privately. Now I have become a member of an agency on UPWORK. I have passed many UPWORK TESTS with flying colours. I will be successful very soon

Qaiser Khan
Earned 800/-

Started working as a freelancer in 2017. I begin working as a WordPress developer but couldn’t win more projects. After getting myself enrolled in the Digiskills Freelancing course. I got to learn a lot of things.

Muhammad Waqas
Earned 1500/-

I have started FREELANCING one month before joining Digiskills on Fiverr. The content, guidelines, and videos help me a lot in improving my skills and help me to earn 1500+ USD in only 5 months.

Muhammad Yasir
Earned 2823/-

After having enrolled a lot of courses from other instructor, I only found this course helpful.  Moreover this course is free of cost. On the otherhand, other instructors charge more than 30,000. Thanks to DigiSkill and Govt. of Pakistan.

Isma Anwar
Earned 98/-

I am a web developer. I created Fiverr account as per instructions of freelancing GURU and earned $98 Alhamdullilah

Seema Habib Shah
Earned 111/-

I joined Elance and Odesk in 2012 and got my first job in 2014. My first earing was 3USD after joining DigiSkills, i enhanced my skills and completed 3 projects within this duration.

Muhammad Idrees
Earned 5/-

Alhumdullilah I have Completed my First job at Upwork and earned $5. Thanks To Allah. Thanks To Hisham Sir & DigiSkills.

amna asif
Earned 40/-

I have created social media posts for an employer. First, he gave me a project for creating 25 posts but now he has given me a long term project

Muhammad faraz raza
Earned 5/-

I have completed my first fiverr order . Thank you so much DigiSkills.

Saleha Parveen
Earned 9500/-

It was a direct project about copying emails and names from a specific country website, some editing and formatting was required. I got 9500 PKR for this project and I have copied 15000 rows. 

Tahira Yasmeen
Earned 356/-

I have done MCS from Islamia University of Bahawalpur and started working at Fiverr with new ideas. I have used the techniques that i have learned with

Noorulsaba Tariq
Earned 5/-

For my first order after having taken this course, I made a logo design for which i received a 5 star rating from my employer.

awais javed
Earned 20/-

fiverrI started my work on fiver one month ago I got 5 orders which i know are not enough but I got good experience. I understand more effort is required but I aim to be a top seller with my hard work.

Natasha Tariq
Earned 5/-

Alhamdulillah! Completed my First project on Fiverr with 5 Star Ratings.

Mubashira Amanat
Earned 365/-

I created account on Fiverr in 2016 but had no knowledge about freelancing. online courses are helping a lot in my journey as a Freelancer and have enabled me to earn $365 so far. Thanks LMS team and my respected instructors.

Hafiza halima Sadia
Earned 1048/-

Started working as a freelancer in 2017 and have worked as Digital Marketer and expert SEO.My First project was Keywords Research for $6.After taking this course,I can complete SEO of any CMS or Custom site.I have done 40 projects with 5 star rating

Azharan Raza
Earned 60/-

After enrolling in DigiSkills and taking the Freelancing course lectures, I was influenced and started working as a freelancer. My skills are data entry and administration. Digiskills is great platform for people of Pakistan.

Latif Ullah
Earned 25710/-

I have been able to make great earnings on Fiverr as a Graphic Designer. I started my earnings from August after having enrolled myself for DigiSkills. I have received great reviews from my clients and they all want to continue working with me.

Majid Fareed
Earned 50/-

I started working on fiverr again after enrolling at DigiSkills and watching Sir Hisham Sarwar’s lectures. I was able to get my 1st order of $50 which I was successfully able to complete.

Shazia Amanat
Earned 198/-

After enrolling at DigiSkills and watching the Freelancing videos and lectures of Sir Hisham, I improved my Freelancing skills and Allhamdullilah earned $110 in the month of Sept, 2018. Thanks to DigiSkills & all LMS team for arranging this platform.



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