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Ali Khokhar


Earned  US$ 6924

I am working on the fiverr since March 2019 and I have earned more than 5500 USD in Web Development Niche within 3,4 Months. All is due to Almighty Allah. I learned a lot from It is a great platform for learning.

Muhammad Shoaib


Earned  US$ 5187

I am a disabled person with speaking problem, I have been doing freelancing from last 10 months or so. Alhamdulillah, I have earned $5187 so far. Thanks for providing such an amazing opportunity to work from home.

Luqman Khan


Earned  US$ 2990

I heard "consistency is key to success", and now I truly believe in this saying. The magical bidding steps of Guru Hisham Sarwar and his guidance helped me land on the first job. Alhamdulillah, I have completed 36 projects. Thanks,

Muhammad Abbas


Earned  US$ 2942

After completing the Freelancing and WordPress course in batch 2, I started offering my services at Fiverr and earned $2942 in 3 months only. All the credit goes to Sir Hisham, Sir Saad and DigiSkills team. Thanks to all of you.

Abrar Ahmed


Earned  US$ 2900

I completed my Freelancing course from in Batch-01. I am earning $400-$500 per month by working only 4-5 hours a day from the comfort of my home. I salute Sir Hisham and the whole team of Great effort!

Junaid Asghar


Earned  US$ 2850

After enrolling in the first batch of, I started my freelancing career on Fiverr. Alhamdulillah! I achieved level 2 badge within a year. While working with the international community I always work as an ambassador of Pakistan.

Muhammad Yasir


Earned  US$ 2823

After having enrolled a lot of courses from other instructor, I only found this course helpful.  Moreover this course is free of cost. On the otherhand, other instructors charge more than 30,000. Thanks to DigiSkill and Govt. of Pakistan.

Fakhar Nisa


Earned  US$ 2500

I started my career in freelancing as a Graphics Designer, I chose this category because Designing is my passion. My first project was 10USD of logo designing and now I am working on different freelancing sites and generates my revenue. 



Earned  US$ 2500

I’ve started freelancing in 2016 as a video editor and graphic designer. enhanced my knowledge and helped me increase my earnings. It’s a great platform to learn digital skills.

Saqib Javaid


Earned  US$ 2500

I got the motivation for freelancing from my seniors so I started learning web development and created an account on Fiverr. helped me a lot in managing my time and enhancing my skills. Thank you




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