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This course is meant to teach the tips and tricks of freelancing in the simplest and effective way. The do`s and don`ts are discussed, about which a freelancer must be aware of. Introduction of different types of freelance marketplaces is given in this course. Web portals like Fiverr, Guru, and Freelancer are introduced and discussed in detail so that a trainee could effectively make money by using these portals.

Meet The Trainer(s)

Hisham Sarwar | Muhammad Irfan

Hisham Sarwar | Muhammad Irfan  (Master of Business Administration (MBA) | Masters of Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning)

Hisham Sarwar

Hisham, a seasoned freelancer has always been known to be an independent thinker and a risk-taker, proving his vision time and again.

Infomist, his brainchild, was established at the time when not many had foreseen the demand for website development. Since then, it has grown leaps and bounds under his visionary leadership, perseverance and hard work. Starting with a single computer to now a medium sized team to provide the best possible services as an outsource company, Infomist is a success story. With branches in different cities and head office based in Dublin, Ireland, Infomist primarily caters to the international market.

Hisham`s determination, relentless energy, motivation and adaptability have proved him as a true leader. His contribution towards humanitarian causes and respect towards individuals has been exemplary.

Hisham Sarwar has also initiated a lot of projects like,, to name few. Hisham is a tech social entrepreneur by heart who wants to give back to the community.

Muhammad Irfan 

Muhammad Irfan is TOP RATED PLUS at Upwork. He has earned more than 1 million dollars by providing tech services. He represents the top 3 percent of performers on Upwork that are highly rated for work on large contracts.

He does not come from a privileged background. He was born and raised in a small village without basic necessities. He worked hard from an office tea boy to a computer typist. He has done many jobs to support his education. 

Through all these challenges he kept going because he wanted to give a good life to his parents who worked hard as laborers throughout the life. He believes that the only thing that can rescue you is SKILL SET

He switched many technologies to make himself tech independent to start his career in a tech startup but eventually, he stopped running from job to job, ran into entrepreneurship 6 years ago and never looked back. He is the founder and CEO of Xeven Solutions, a tech company that has expanded from 4 to 150 team members and 2 global offices in just short of 5 years.

  • Batch Duration: 12 Weeks
  • Videos Duration: 24 hours
  • Start Date: 04 Jul 2022
  • Fee: Free of Cost
  • Who can Join: Everyone
  • Enrolled Trainees: 78303
  • Video Medium: Urdu & English

What you will learn

    After completing this course, a trainee will be able to:

    • Define freelancing
    • Identify different types of freelance marketplaces
    • Identify pros and cons to freelancing
    • Identify and apply their strengths/skills in freelance market.
    • Sign up as a freelancer at different platforms
    • Create an effective profile on freelance platforms
    • Search the right projects
    • Write a winning proposal
    • Define the importance of communication skills
    • Manage a project once it is awarded
    • Manage project payments (escrow, invoicing system)
    • Identify the importance of feedback for profile
    • Identify the steps to keep projects coming
    • Identify the mistakes and problems every freelancer faces
    • Identify steps to become a Successful Freelancer
    • Identify the steps for effective Bidding to get the most from the process
    • Identify the steps to grow as a freelancer
    • Identify how to retain existing client