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About is the largest Training Program in Pakistan offering best Free Online Courses in freelancing Skills with E-Certificates issued by VU and Ignite. Over 3.9 million trainings have been imparted since 2018 to generate skilled workforce in Future of Work and to strengthen digital economy of Pakistan.

The Women Empowerment is a key element of this program, as they benefit to learn and earn sitting in the comfort of their homes.

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News & Events
  • 03

    May, 2024

    Course Enrollments for Batch-08 of DigiSkills Training Program 2.0

    May 03, 2024

    DigiSkills Training Program 2.0 will be opening enrollments for Batch-08 on Monday, June 03, 2024, by 11:00 AM. A total of 300,000 seats will be available in this batch that will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.


    Please make sure to enroll before the available seats run out! 


    Trainees can enroll in 2 courses at a time from the list of 15 courses being offered.


    Newly registered trainees must enroll in the Freelancing course. They can select the 2nd course of their own choice.

    You can register yourself right now by visiting: -



    If you register with us now, you will receive a Reminder email from us at the start of the enrollments. Also, once Enrollments start, you will not have to spend time on filling out registration form rather you will just have to Enroll in 2 courses by selecting them and by a single click on Save button.


    Trainees from previous batches can also enroll in 2 new courses.


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  • 15

    Apr, 2024

    Welcome Back to

    Apr 15, 2024

    Welcome Back! DigiSkills Training Program has resumed its activities after the Eid break. We hope you enjoyed this break over the past week.


    Now that all festivities are behind us, let's resume your learning journey.


    Week 3 content of DigiSkills 2.0 Batch-07 is now open and available for you to explore.


    We expect your continued dedication and enthusiasm in pursuing your skills goal on our platform.


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  • 04

    Apr, 2024

    Eid-ul-Fitr Holidays Closure Notice

    Apr 04, 2024

    DigiSkills training program will be closed from 5th April to 14th April 2024 in observance of the joyous occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr.


    You will be able to access the video lectures of your courses that are already open (Week 1 and 2) on your LMS account, but all the discussion boards will remain closed during this time.


    Our team will be taking a break to celebrate this day with our families, and we hope that you will also have the opportunity to enjoy the Eid holidays with your loved ones.


    Please note that our official phone line will also be temporarily unavailable during this period.


    The content of Week 3 will be opened on 15th April 2024.



    Wishing you and your families a blessed Eid-ul-Fitr!




    DigiSkills Team


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  • 25

    Mar, 2024

    7th Batch of DigiSkills 2.0 has commenced on March 25th, 2024

    Mar 25, 2024 is pleased to announce that its Batch-07 commenced on March 25th, 2024, as scheduled.


    We assure our trainees that courses of DigiSkills Training Program will not only help them in learning new practical and marketable skills but will also be beneficial for them in their professional lives.


    Our trainees are already getting benefits from this program, and several have started earning money in the form of valuable foreign exchange.


    The videos along with the relevant content of the courses will be made available through LMS on every working Monday by 11:00 AM.


    Trainees must watch videos through our Learning Management System (LMS) to become eligible for the E-Certificate.


    A video on How to Use LMS is available at


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  • 23

    Mar, 2024

    All 300,000 Seats for Batch-07 of DigiSkills 2.0 have been Filled Up

    Mar 23, 2024

    Alhamdulillah! Enrollments for the Batch-07 have been completed. We had allocated 300,000 seats altogether for this batch. Due to the popularity of the brand, all the seats were filled up within 23 days. 


    DigiSkills Training Program (DSTP) offers 15 online courses completely free of cost. All courses have been prepared with the help of well qualified and experienced trainers. A dedicated and committed DSTP team provides support services through the official communication modes of DSTP. 


    We extend our best wishes in advance to the enrolled trainees. Batch-07 will commence on March 25, 2024, Monday. The video lectures of the first week will be uploaded on the Learning Management System (LMS) of on the same day by 11:00 AM.


    Good luck with your training!


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Success Stories

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Popular Blogs

Popular Blogs
What is VA and who is VA for Amazon?
May 14, 2024

What is VA and who is VA for Amazon?

Are you drawn to remote work, flexible hours, and contributing to a global e-commerce giant? If so, consider becoming a Virtual Assistant (VA) for Amazon! This blog explores the world of Amazon VAs, their roles, and unique skill sets. VAs provide remote administrative support, handling tasks like appointment scheduling, call management, and email organization. They're flexible, often working as independent contractors or full-time remote employees. VAs aren't robots, they are trained individuals based remotely, ready to support your business needs. Whether you are a business owner seeking support or an individual ready for a dynamic career, Amazon VA roles offer exciting opportunities in the digital landscape. How does VA differ from other kinds of assistants? Businesses can save extra expenses related to their location and equipment costs by hiring virtual assistants from a remote location. Hiring a VA with minimal training can help business owners save time, effort, and costs of hiring. While the VAs do the heavy lifting, companies can spend more time focusing on the important aspects of their business by outsourcing their internal processes. Some of the more common services among the VA circles are social media management, video editing, website design, and digital marketing, and businesses can hire virtual assistants for any and every possible function required. Hiring a VA with minimal training can help business owners save time, effort, and costs of hiring. How a Virtual Assistant Works for a Business? To work for a business, a VA differs from a salaried administrative assistant who can work from home. Considering them as an independent contractor, a company or business does not have to provide the same benefits or pay the same taxes for a VA, that it would for a full-time employee. Moreover, some virtual assistants specialize in graphic design, bookkeeping, social media, blog writing, and other Amazon marketing services. Virtual Assistant for Amazon Let's discuss becoming an Amazon Virtual Assistant (VA) for the business. Running a business in the digital age is a difficult task, therefore most online business owners turn to virtual assistants for help. VAs help sellers manage their Amazon businesses by handling different tasks. No matter how expert you are as an assistant, there comes a point in your Amazon business when you can’t go alone, so you need an Amazon Virtual Assistant that can help streamline your business operations. Amazon is a great place to start, as it has many tasks requiring virtual assistants' help. You can do product sourcing, data entry, listings, etc. Role of Amazon Virtual Assistant An Amazon virtual assistant is designated to help with some of the workload by offering support for everyday tasks. Possible tasks may encompass, but are not restricted to: • Setting up and managing an Amazon account. • Management of account health. • Management of product listings. • Researching and finding products. • Researching and analyzing the market. • Management and personnel department. • Finding solutions to problems. • Support for sellers on Amazon. • Service for customers. Tasks of Amazon Virtual Assistant The tasks of being an Amazon Virtual Assistant that they can take care of: Product Listing Optimization Order Fulfillment Competitor Analysis Customer Support 1. Product Listing Optimization Product Listing Optimization is done by title, description, images, features, and reviews. It helps improve search ranking, drives more traffic to your business store, and increases visitors and conversion rates. Your Amazon product listing will be successful if you concentrate on: • Integration of keywords • Quantity and standard of pictures • Product title and description content • Layout of the page showcasing a product 2. Order Fulfillment It involves receiving, handling, and delivering orders to the customers. Order Fulfillment is a laborious and time-intensive procedure that includes numerous steps, resulting in a significant opportunity cost for companies. Amazon gives sellers various options for fulfilling orders. Drop shipping involves selling products as the main priority. The manufacturer manages inventory, labelling, shipping, and delivery. In this model, you purchase and store the goods but concentrate on selling them. Nevertheless, a third-party logistics partner is responsible for storing the stock and handling the shipping. Fulfilling oneself includes selling, storing, shipping, and managing product returns. 3. Competitor Analysis Business is all about knowing who your actual competitor is! What you will understand by doing competitor analysis is: • The strong and weak points of your rival. • The calibre of their product pages • Feedback and reactions to their brand • Their focus keywords, advertising campaigns, marketing initiatives, etc. Market research assists in gaining an understanding of the actions of your competitors and how those actions are impacting their financial gains. These learnings can be utilized to enhance your Amazon product listings and develop more successful campaigns. Although the findings from analyzing Amazon's competitors are helpful, the process itself is lengthy and laborious. Assigning the task to an Amazon virtual assistant frees up your time. In the meantime, you will receive practical insights on which to act. 4. Customer Support This is where investing in a virtual assistant brings the greatest benefits. Amazon aims to be the leading customer-focused company globally. It has structured its policies and regulations to ensure a simple and seamless shopping experience for customers. Sellers are required to do the same. Due to the dedication and time needed to expand and make a profit from your Amazon store, you may only sometimes be present when a customer posts a review, inquires, or contacts your seller account. Fortunately, an Amazon virtual assistant can assist you in this situation. • Craft suitable email replies for customers. • Monitor user communications on seller accounts and social media platforms. • Respond to user inquiries instantly. • Evaluate customer comments and provide a timely response. • Highlight the negative feedback for you. • Revise the frequently asked questions section on your product page. • Handle upset clients and their grievances with skill. Benefits of Amazon Virtual Assistant • Less investment • Timesaving • Less cost and expensive operational • More profit • Less hassle Steps to become a virtual assistant • Complete an Amazon Virtual Assistant training course. • Identify your specialization. • Select the VA tools to automate. • Market yourself online as a virtual assistant • Apply for a job. Conclusion To summarize, the position of Virtual Assistants (VAs) in the Amazon ecosystem provides a dynamic alternative for organizations seeking efficient and cost-effective support. Whether handling administrative activities or specialized roles such as product listing optimization and customer service, Amazon Virtual Assistants play an important role in improving operational efficiency and optimizing corporate growth. Businesses that use virtual assistants can streamline their processes, save time and resources, and focus on core objectives. Furthermore, becoming an Amazon VA is a profitable and rewarding career path for those looking for remote job options. With its wide range of activities and flexible work arrangements, the world of Amazon VAs keeps evolving and acting as an essential part of success in the digital age. Author: Muhammad Uzair Khan | Reviewed By: Hifsah Umbreen

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Mastering the Art of Writing a Compelling Manuscript: A Comprehensive Guide
Apr 18, 2024

Mastering the Art of Writing a Compelling Manuscript: A Comprehensive Guide

Writing is expressing your thoughts, ideas, experiences, and information. It takes your energy to increase the potential of delivering the right message. Writing the true spirit with the right ingredients to increase the taste of the recipe is the job of a skilled writer. In this blog, we will discuss some points that will help you to become a competent writer and deliver a clear and considerable message. Writing the true spirit with the right ingredients to increase the recipe's taste is a skilled writer's job. To draft a complete message, the 3(3)-writing process will help you. Pre-writing is the first step, writing is the second step. The third step is revising the complete manuscript/writing. To make communication effective and easier, these steps must be followed in preparation for all types of written communication. Each step is further divided into three subdivisions: 1. Pre-writing a) Analyze: The analysis of the news you will disclose is very important for a quality message. i. Is it worth writing? ii. What is the purpose and ultimate impact of the news/message/document? iii. How will the message be delivered? b) Anticipate: Anticipation considers how the audience will react after reading the message. Before writing something, you must understand who the target audience is. How and what they will perceive your message? The tone of your message is set according to the audience and receiver of your message. For example, if you are sending an email to the officials of your company, then you will surely write that in a very formal way by following all the protocols. If you are writing for a comedy show then it will be written in a light mode and tone, that can engage with the audience. The importance of Audience can be signified by Randy Bomer – “As a part of this sense of purpose, a writer needs to have others in mind – an audience to whom she/he is speaking”. c) Adapt: Adapting is adjusting according to the environment by making the modifications that can help to fit into the place. Both the stages combine at this stage – the analysis and the anticipation to make the adaptation for the writing easy. “The wise adapt themselves to the circumstances, as water molds itself to the pitcher” is a famous proverb; here it means that adjust your writing according to the audience. The one important thing to keep in mind while adapting the message according to the specific audience is to imagine the possible reaction of the receiver. Putting yourself in the reader’s shoes can help you understand their interests and needs, which in response helps you cultivate an empathetic relationship with the reader and hit on the point. Sum-up of Pre-writing: Pre-writing is thinking about what to write, and after the completion of this process, it finally enters the writing phase. 2. Writing a) Research: Finding and picking up the relevant data, information, facts, and related material to craft appropriate writing is research and it gives your manuscript an authentication. Research as much as you can, bear in mind that this is your best friend that can refine your piece of writing. You can do research through books, search engines, interviews, surveys and so on. b) Organize: This step is about organizing the data collected earlier by research. The well-constructed, well-organized informational message attracts the audience and works like the right dose for fever. Using diagrams and outlines can help in this regard and increase the focus of the message. You can use the rule of thumb “combine the information in three to five categories— divide the main topic into 3 to 5 subtopics” to increase the potential of grasping the main idea of the context. c) Compose: The first copy of the written manuscript is written quickly and is not perfect and ready to deliver information; and needs refining for its presentation. The proper writing presentation is done at this stage – the composition. The first draft works to keep thoughts on paper for the improvement of the future manuscript. 3. Revising a) Revision: It is the step where writers can edit their writing to enhance its clarity, conciseness, readability, and conversational potential. Find creative ways to enhance the worth of your writing, by highlighting the important message and doing its proper detailing. Here, reading and re-reading the draft can help to get rid of the unwanted redundancies and wordiness along with finding the room for the addition of the supporting visuals and bold fonts or bullet points that would be appropriate and helpful. b) Proofreading: This step of writing needs to be handled with care and utmost attention. Check for any possible spelling, grammar, and other common language mistakes because a single error of this sort leads to a quick loss of professionalism and credibility. c) Evaluation: Now this is the final check for your writing to see that it meets all the needs of the audience, and the purpose of the writing is fulfilled. The senior writers suggest you go through the revision of the manuscript a few times before sending it so that it becomes purposeful and accurate. Conclusion To make your writing accurate and impactful, you need to give proper time to the thinking process. Research well and organize the data in the right order. Revise and proofread the whole text to check for any mistakes and unnecessary repetitions. Finally, evaluate it to verify that all the information you have provided is valid and accurate. By putting your serious efforts into the writing process, you may overcome all the weaknesses to become a good writer. Author: Haleema Sadia | Reviewed By: Hifsah Umbreen

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Automation in AutoCAD through Python and Artificial Intelligence
Feb 29, 2024

Automation in AutoCAD through Python and Artificial Intelligence

All draughtsmen sometimes feel tired of manually tracing blueprints, meticulously crafting repetitive details, or battling tedious edits in AutoCAD. We are no exception. Well, fear not, fellow drafters! The problem of repetitive tasks is about to be revolutionized by the dynamic duo of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation through basic programming language skills that are getting integrated with AutoCAD and other CAD software tools. But wait, there's more! Python libraries, acting as the bridge between your ingenuity and AutoCAD's potential, stand ready to unlock a world of enhanced productivity and streamlined workflows. AutoCAD Automation with the use of Artificial intelligence starts with Python language. Integration of Python in AutoCAD In Computer-Aided Design (CAD), where precision and efficiency are paramount, the integration of Python scripting has emerged as a game-changer. One such powerful tool that bridges the gap between programming and design is the PyAutoCAD library. It facilitates seamless interaction with AutoCAD. This library acts as a bridge, allowing you as a designer to leverage the simplicity and versatility of Python scripting within the AutoCAD environment. To automate the tasks, it empowers you to automate routine and repetitive tasks, saving your valuable time and minimizing errors. From creating complex geometries to modifying existing drawings, it offers a versatile set of functions. Design iterations become more fluid with it. Through parameterization, you can experiment with various dimensions and configurations programmatically, fostering a dynamic and iterative design process. Moreover, it enables you to create custom tools and functionalities tailored to specific design needs. This customization extends the capabilities of AutoCAD Architecture, making it adaptable to unique project requirements. Its data handling capabilities synergize with PyAutoCAD, allowing for efficient extraction of geometric and attribute data from drawings. This facilitates data analysis, aiding decision-making in the design process. The key areas where PyAutoCAD library can be utilized are: 1. Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration With PyAutoCAD, architects, engineers, and programmers can collaborate seamlessly, fostering interdisciplinary innovation. 2. Ease of Learning and Implementation Its readability and simplicity make it an ideal language for both beginners and seasoned draughtsmen. It inherits these traits, ensuring a gentle learning curve for CAD professionals entering the realm of scripting. 3. Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency By automating repetitive tasks and streamlining workflows, you can significantly enhance productivity. You can focus on creative aspects, relying on scripts to handle the mundane. 4. Dynamic Design Exploration The parametric capabilities of PyAutoCAD empower you to explore an extensive range of design possibilities. This dynamism encourages creative exploration and facilitates rapid adaptation to changing project requirements. 5. Integration of Programming Logic PyAutoCAD seamlessly integrates programming logic into the design process. This integration opens up a realm of possibilities, from conditional design changes to the implementation of algorithms directly within AutoCAD. 6. Adaptability to Project-Specific Requirements The ability to create custom tools and features using PyAutoCAD ensures that AutoCAD Architecture can be tailored to meet the specific needs of diverse projects. This adaptability enhances the software's relevance in a variety of design contexts. 7. Efficient Collaboration Python's ubiquity in the programming world fosters efficient collaboration between designers and developers. With PyAutoCAD, professionals from different backgrounds can contribute their expertise to a unified design environment. 8. Innovation in Design Processes The integration of PyAutoCAD introduces a paradigm shift in design processes. From automated drawing generation to algorithmic design exploration, designers can push the boundaries of creativity and efficiency. Deployment of Artificial Intelligence in CAD Now imagine an AI companion that generates basic layouts based on your specifications, freeing you to focus on creative design aspects and solving the challenges. Picture automation scripts effortlessly handle repetitive edits, transforming hours of frustration into minutes of accomplishment. With the magic of Python libraries, these scenarios become tangible realities, pushing the boundaries of what's possible within AutoCAD. We'll now delve into the potential of AI-generated designs, recognize, and modify objects, and even perform quality control. We have unraveled the power of Python libraries like PyAutoCAD, empowering you to automate everyday CAD tasks with ease. AutoCAD, a stalwart of the design world, is undergoing a metamorphosis with the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Imagine AI acting as your design partner, automating tasks, optimizing ideas, and ensuring quality a dream becomes reality. The three key applications of AI in AutoCAD are: 1. From Blank Canvas to Blueprint Blitz If you are struggling with blank page syndrome. Say goodbye! AI can act as your design muse, generating basic layouts based on your parameters. If you need a floor plan for a specific area? Simply feed in dimensions and desired features, and AI algorithms will churn out options, saving your precious time and sparking your creativity. Beyond layouts, AI can also optimize existing designs. Imagine AI analyzing structural integrity and suggesting reinforcements or adjusting dimensions for energy efficiency – all guided by your specific requirements. This collaborative approach empowers you to explore diverse design possibilities while ensuring adherence to standards and constraints. 2. Object Recognition and Modification Repetitive edits like changing door types or resizing windows can be soul-crushing. But rejoice! AI-powered object recognition comes to the rescue. Imagine simply highlighting a door in your drawing and having AI identify its type and location. With a few clicks, you can select a new door style, and AI handles the rest, updating all instances throughout your drawing. This extends to other objects – furniture, symbols, even annotations – saving you from hours of tedious modifications and ensuring consistency across your design. No more hunting for specific elements; AI acts as your eagle-eyed assistant, freeing you to focus on higher-level design decisions. 3. Error-Free Designs, Every Time Human error is inevitable, but catching it early is crucial. AI steps in as your quality assurance inspector, meticulously scrutinizing your designs for potential issues. Imagine AI analyzing your floor plan and highlighting potential code violations, recommending alternative layouts that comply with regulations. Or, picture AI reviewing your structural design, pinpointing areas of weakness and proposing reinforcements before construction begins. This proactive approach catches errors early, saving time, and money, and potentially preventing costly rework down the line. Final words So, are you ready to embrace the AI revolution in AutoCAD? Remember, AI isn't here to replace you; it's here to empower you, freeing you from tedious tasks and unlocking new possibilities. With the learning of the application of AI, you can join the future of design, where AI becomes your intelligent partner, propelling you towards design excellence! Furthermore, PyAutoCAD is not just a library; it's a catalyst for innovation and collaboration in AutoCAD Architecture. By embracing the power of Python scripting, you can transcend traditional boundaries, unlocking new potentials and transforming your AutoCAD experience. As the lines between coding and design blur, PyAutoCAD stands as a testament to the exciting possibilities that lie at the intersection of technology and architecture. Author: Zain Ul Hassan | Reviewed By: Hifsah Umbreen

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