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Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui

Federal Minister, MoITT

Our vision is to provide training to youth and to people from all walks of life so they can become givers rather than takers, augment their incomes, and contribute to foreign exchange earnings and job creation in the country. If they so desire, people can earn from the comfort and security of their homes. Even people in remote areas where transportation, education and grid electricity infrastructure is not at the level of cities, but where internet connectivity is available, will be able to participate.

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Yusuf Hussain

CEO, Ignite

The future of work is digital, with soft skills like creativity and communications and the gig economy playing more important roles. This is a great opportunity for people with initiative and perseverance to learn marketable intermediary and basic digital skills and earn according to their ability and effort. The DigiSkills program has been designed to keep evolving in response to market demand for skills and trainee feedback, experience and engagement. AI and analytics will be applied to data from multiple real time and secondary sources to gain insights. Future areas for exploration include: Inclusion of more advanced digital skills and other skills, Augmented Reality and AI based training pathways, data transparency to crowd source expert opinion, support for the disabled, career and job/task support, and the creation of a life-long learning portal.

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Naeem Tariq

Rector, Virtual University

The global job market is rapidly evolving and it is almost impossible to predict what type of skills will be in demand 5 years from now. As a result, lifelong learning has become imperative for any viable workforce. One important aspect of this future oriented job-market is the digital nature of most services that will be required. The younger generations, being digital natives, can now identify new avenues and areas where they could thrive, either as revenue earners or even as entrepreneurs.

The DigiSkills project that is being executed by the Virtual University of Pakistan, is meant to empower youth in digital skill areas that are in global demand. The spectrum of these is skills is very vast and learners will be able to select their own path towards becoming digital freelancers. While the courses and programs being offered under the project are free of cost for the learners, a fair amount of self-discipline and time management will be required to benefit properly from them. Only serious, committed learners will complete their courses successfully but then the opportunities that await them are very vast.

I wish all DigiSkill graduates the best in their future endeavors.

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Dr. Zafar M. Alvi

Project Director, DigiSkills

Digitalization of economy has radically transformed work. Getting the work done is no longer limited to local resources. Freelance international job markets have provided tremendous opportunities for posting tasks globally, while simultaneously e-workers from all around the globe can bid for these tasks.

This has freed e-workers from eyeing for regular jobs, and instead channelize their energies towards self-reliance. While also earning valuable foreign exchange for their countries by tapping into international job markets. DigiSkills training program is essentially a paradigm shift from job-targeted education to skill- based training. This program is a game changer for Pakistani youth, which will provide them opportunities to learn for free and master the skillsets that are in demand in the freelance job markets.

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Ehsen Zafar Puri

Director ICT, Virtual University

The DigiSkills Program has been handcrafted from conception to implementation in the minutest detail keeping quality at the forefront. The Ignite and Virtual University teams have worked really hard, day and night, to bring you the greatest opportunity in Pakistan's IT landscape. May Allah almighty give you unprecedented success in empowering yourself and, ultimately, Pakistan.

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Hisham Sarwar

Top Ranked Pakistani Freelancer on

I have always wanted to see Pakistan ranked as number 1 in freelance space for top producing freelancers. For someone who has made his country proud by ranking in top 10 in one of the world's largest freelance marketplace. despite of all the competition, I always wanted to transfer my knowledge to others. Sadly, earlier I did not have a platform to do so. DigiSkills is a blessing in disguise and thanks to the Government for this wonderful initiative. I am honored to create a detailed video course about Freelancing so every Pakistani can benefit, get started and start making money right away. This will put our country to the top Insha Allah. Ameen

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Ayesha Hammaad

Founder SwishTag

The world is moving so fast that it’s getting harder for academia to cope with the recent developments. One of the best ways to stay in the game is to plug digital skills as part of the curriculum. And programs Iike DigiSkills bridge academics with the recent technological developments.

Ayesha Z. Hammaad is a Facebook Blueprint Certified Professional and CEO SwishTag. She’s also the Master Trainer for Content Marketing at Chief Minister’s eRozgaar Program. Ayesha is a day dreamer and a curious soul who believes in a never ending quest of one’s potential.

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Ayesha FazlurRahman


As an educationist and a blogger, teaching a course on Creative Writing is an exciting assignment! It's amazing how much I am learning myself in planning the course content, designing tasks and activities and facing the camera! Since the creative mindset is what I am aiming at in this course, the objective is to motivate and inspire, not just be a teacher! I hope I am successful in communicating all this to the learners of the DigiSkills Creative Writing Course.

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Top-Rated Freelancer

I strongly believe that freelancing has the power to enable anyone to achieve what they set their mind and heart on. Although there seem to be numerous digital skills training programs out there, a few of them deliver upon the promises and claims that they make – and DigiSkills in undoubtedly one of them. The program caters to the needs of today’s digital marketplace with its wide variety of courses and expert trainers. When I started out as a freelancer, there was a lack of such programs which enables me to realize the importance and value that this program holds. It truly makes my heart happy to see the youth of Pakistan taking their stand in today’s digital economy and I only see them growing exponentially from this point onwards! Thank you, DigiSkills!

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Saad Hamid

Top Rated Freelancer on

As a freelancer and digital evangelist, I see that DigiSkills is a monumental program for the youth of Pakistan that will help them get ready for the future of work. Almost 90% of the jobs in the future will require some kind of digital skills and this program will allow our youth to learn skills of the future so they can find jobs of the future and contribute to ever growing global digital economy.

DigiSkills will enable the young people of Pakistan to create employment opportunities for themselves and for others around them. In 2030 when we look in retrospect, DigiSkils program will prove to a cornerstone for Pakistan to help them become a part of the digital revolution.

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Faiza Yousuf

Technologist, Researcher, Founder – WomenInTechPK

Technology has changed the way we lead our lives and more than that, it has changed the way we work. Gig economy has become a norm in most parts of the world and people like to take up contractual work over full-time employment. Pakistan is known for its skilled labor and a program like DigiSkills can be a great starting point for anyone who wants to start their career as a freelancer. The program is well designed and is made to evolve with time and the changing dynamics of today’s marketplace. I am hopeful that the graduates from this program will be able to break the barriers and become high-rated and sought-after contractors in the near future.

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Anum Zulfiqar

Founder Connected Pakistan

A Computer Software Engineer by Trade, an entrepreneur at heart, a freelancer by fad, mother of twins and a risk-taker by default I am Anum Zulfiqar - the first Women freelancer social entrepreneur success story of Pakistan and Executive Director Connected Pakistan.

Women empowerment has always been a key issue in Pakistan. The concept of “chaddar and chardeewari” is very deep routed and has always perceived to be a hindrance in empowering women. To me, DigiSkills is a ray of hope and a sheer catalyst of change in plights of women in Pakistan. Women of Pakistan have known defeat, suffering, struggle and loss since generations. I am grateful to this new and emerging opportunity of DigiSkills which will help them to make their way out of depths. Freelancing is giving women an appreciation, sensitivity and glowing understanding of life which is filling them with compassion, gentleness and a deep loving concern.

Thank you DigiSkills for creating women more beautiful than ever!

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Amena Aly kamaal

Entrepreneur Digital Marketing

The Creative Writing module recognizes the essential role of expression in our professional lives, especially as we work more and more in the digital environment. The module works towards developing the powers of expression, empathy and critical reading and thinking. Creative writing is a business skill that few people choose to cultivate, however for those who acquire the skill it sets them above their competition.