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Watch Out for Scammers!

News Image's Team wants to warn every individual about the fraud activities being carried on by some fraudsters in the name of


Please be notified and informed about the following:


  1. DigiSkills Training Program is a FREE training program. No fee is ever required to register/sign-up, enroll and to take courses.
  2. DigiSkills Training Program has entered its Batch-03. The enrollments have been closed since 26th March 2019.
  3. No more enrollments are being entertained now. If someone asks you to get you a seat in Batch-03 and asks for a commission for that, DO NOT trust him/her. 
  4. Enrollments for Batch-04 will open in July 2019 though you can register for an account with us anytime. 


Just in case, you receive any SMS, call or Facebook message from any source, please REPORT the incident and provide the details to the concerned authorities. has your best interest at heart and will be very disappointed to find any such mishap occurring with any of its prospective trainees.


Be aware and be safe!

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