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Why learning creative writing in Pakistan is a good option for stay at home moms?

Creative Writing in Pakistan, Creative Writing
 Published on: Oct 01, 2019

It’s not easy to be a stay at home mom. For all those who think stay home moms or housewives do absolutely nothing in comparison to working women, it’s time to think again. But, yes, there are those long spells of boredom where you feel unproductive and that’s why we have something exciting in store for all stay home moms, out there! If you are one, and you feel there is ample time at hand that you could effectively utilize in keeping yourself busy at home, take up creative writing. Why you ask? Well, here’s why:

It will help you kill time

You get up in the morning, prepare breakfast, lunch boxes, and send your children off to school, run all house errands, and finish up cleaning, dusting, mopping, cooking and laundry. Now, once all of these daily chores are done, what do you usually do? Read a book, watch TV, binge watch your favorite show. How about an interesting way to kill the extra time that you’re otherwise looking to spend doing something interesting? Creative writing to the rescue! You won’t know where all your time went, plus it’s the most fun way to rid oneself off boredom.

It pays you! Yes. You will get paid. Freelance writing gigs can earn you real money

It’s a great learning opportunity, that too from the comfort of home

Knowledge is power, and one can ever have enough of it. So, how about spending your free time learning something new and unique, simply to add to your knowledge pool? What’s better than learning a new skill from the comfort of your home? Not only, do you save up on money and effort, but you learn, increase your knowledge pool, and there’s nothing that can beat this.

When stay home moms find the time, they can simply learn about creative writing through the many online platforms that offer courses like these, free of cost.  The options are limited after you have learnt the art of writing. Fiver has myriad of surprises for you, in the form of writing gigs. So, choose one that suits your schedule and hourly pay rate.

Its good money

When you learn creative writing and apply for the various gigs available online, it pays you! Yes. You will get paid. Freelance writing gigs can earn you real money so that you can fulfill your unfulfilled desires, while also managing your time effectively and efficiently in the most productive manner possible.

Who doesn’t like earning money through freelancing opportunities these days? It’s one of the best things one can prescribe to all stay home moms and to all those who are actively looking for opportunities to make some extra cash.

So, if you are also a stay home mom who’s considering a good pass time, choose creative writing. Not only can you improve and polish your writing skills, but also writing has a great scope in the modern-day. Content has become key with the emergence of social media. So, you can create and curate content at home and make good money and afford all the luxuries in absolute independence.


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    Ahmad zaman

    Jan 5 2021 9:48PM

    In the upcoming batch 9, I am going to enroll in Content Writing on this platform.

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    Oct 23 2020 2:40PM

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    Oct 15 2020 2:01AM

    I want to improve my writing skills and I am sure that with this magnificent platform, I can do so. I would like to enroll myself in the Creative Writing course, in the next batch.

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    Muhammad Haris

    Sep 23 2020 10:44AM

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    Aug 31 2020 10:01AM

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    Zia Ur Rehman

    Aug 25 2020 1:34PM

    DigiSkill is the best platform for online learning. This course not only enhances our writing skills but also increase our income, so we ca support ourselves.

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    Aug 25 2020 10:33AM

    I would like to enroll my self in the next batch for the Creative Writing course.

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    Aug 17 2020 12:16AM

    I want to learn creative writing course in the next batch.

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    Shahina Naz

    Jun 21 2020 8:57AM

    Asalam-o-Alikum! DigiSkills is a great learning platform. And, I would like to enroll myself in the next batch.

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    Jun 11 2020 11:43PM

    I would like to join this Creative Writing course offered by DigiSkills.

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    Apr 29 2020 10:07PM is an awesome platform for moms to earn money at home with their home chores.

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    muhammad yousaf

    Apr 24 2020 12:57PM

    Great work! I really appreciate

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    Muhammad Qasim Abbasi

    Apr 23 2020 3:34PM

    I will join this course.

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    Rasheeda Mehtab

    Apr 19 2020 1:41PM

    Definitely, it works for getting knowledge, and killing time positively. I also got opportunity of enrolling in the course of Creative Writing in this batch.

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    Kafeel Rehman

    Apr 9 2020 7:51PM

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    Apr 1 2020 11:20AM

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    Nov 24 2019 4:14PM

    It's awesome.

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    bilal manzoor

    Oct 31 2019 2:46PM

    It's too good.

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    Ghulam Mustafa

    Oct 26 2019 9:14PM

    English craze just pushed me towards creative writing. I am very enthusiast and excited for this opportunity. Gonna be a new student of

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    Sayeda Namrah

    Oct 26 2019 9:31AM is a well-organized and an extremely helpful site for all those people who not just want to simply earn money but also to do something great for their country, Pakistan. Thank you DigiSkills for being a great helping hand in enhancing my writing skills. Pakistan Zindabad!

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    Abbass Khan

    Oct 23 2019 4:41PM

    I have done my masters in Communication and Media studies and am working in the social sector. I was looking for an institute to get registered and excel my in skill of Creative Writing which is important for my present portfolio but could not find one. At last I came across this program. I am so excited, and hopefully would learn Creative Writing and Graphic Designing from All in free. Wow!

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    Abdul Shakoor

    Oct 20 2019 10:10PM

    I'm a school teacher in a Government sector. I completed my Masters in English back in 2008.I love creative writing, blogging, content writing, etc.Thank you for providing a chance to me of excelling in my favorite skills. Thanks!

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    Oct 19 2019 2:17PM

    I am very interested in creative writing. I have done MBA and I am a single parent. I want to learn this and to be a professional.

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    M B A Khan

    Oct 10 2019 1:31PM

    Intrigued to find how much rewarding it is for Pakistani students to avail such opportunities at the comfort of their homes.

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    Muhammad Sadiq

    Oct 10 2019 12:46PM

    It is the best initiative started at govt level to make individuals skillful, so that they can earn money at the comfort of their homes and contribute in home budget as well as overall national income. Moreover it's free. Amazing!

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    Ikram Rabbani

    Oct 10 2019 12:06AM

    I also want to learn.

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    Hafsa Sami

    Oct 9 2019 11:42PM

    I am interested in Creative Writing. I passed my intermediate in medical field from Government Collage Karachi, then I completed my BSc.(Hons) in Geography from Karachi University. Now I am housewife and do nothing creative since 2 years. So, looking forward to it now.

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    Oct 9 2019 9:16AM

    I want to learn Creative Writing. I am a housewife. I did my graduation from Nisa College Sailkot in BSc. Zoology. Now i am doing MA English from Virtual University.

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    Bilawal Junani

    Oct 9 2019 1:03AM


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    Oct 8 2019 4:42PM

    Good Work.

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    Suleman Bashir

    Oct 7 2019 12:44PM

    I have opted for this course. Not a mom though, but still I believe that this would certainly improve my writing skills.

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    Suleman Bashir

    Oct 7 2019 12:43PM

    I have opted for this course. Not a mom though, but still I believe that this would certainly improve my writing skills.

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    Sana Aslam

    Oct 6 2019 8:53AM

    It's good way of earning.

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    Sana Aslam

    Oct 6 2019 8:49AM

    It's good activity.

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