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Why SEO is a Great Career Choice

Career in SEO
 Published on: Nov 15, 2021

Many beginners and young people who want to get into digital marketing wonder whether an SEO career is a great choice or not? SEO is an excellent career choice if you love digital marketing.

It's a career that offers opportunities to learn and grow while offering great financial rewards. It also appeals to those with a competitive spirit. Although the industry itself is still relatively young - about 18 years old- Forbes estimated that by the end of 2020 it had surpassed an estimated net worth of $80 billion.

Many business owners need a professional SEO expert to rank their sites higher on search results. As SEO is in high demand, more and more professionals are mastering this skill.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider a career in SEO.

The Top Reasons to Pursue a Career In SEO

  1. An SEO expert and professional can easily make handsome money working from home or online without having to look for an office job.
  2. Search engine optimization skills are in more need than before; especially, abilities like Technical SEO, SEO Auditing, and link building to improve online business presence.
  3. SEO does not need any previous degree or qualification to accomplish an expert status. You have fundamental computer abilities and have a good understanding of the Internet and excellent knowledge of Search engine working.
  4. SEO skills are more demanding in the 21st century since old and new companies frequently require SEO to cultivate their customers and revenues.
  5. SEO is a great thing to learn because it allows you to learn different online marketing strategies, content writing, and content curation that you keep ahead of other domains.
  6. At the start, you need a lot of dedication and commitment to learn all the ins and outs of SEO. Once you have excellent experience and credibility, you can work as an independent SEO service provider on different Freelancing platforms. 
  7. Tutorials, blogs, make it easy to update your search engine optimization skills and learn new things.


Still not convinced that SEO is a great career option? We can share the opinion of great SEO legends. Ross Hudgens, the founder of Siege Media, states SEO by far is a great career choice; it allows you to get employment in any country. In addition, SEO professionals have considerable skills, e.g., content writing, good communication, and marketing skills.


Forbes estimated that by the end of 2020 it had surpassed an estimated net worth of $80 billion

Julie Joyce, the founder of Link Fish Media, an American company specialized in link building and digital marketing, believes that SEO is never boring. There is always something new to learn and explore. Julie recommends if you keep up with the latest knowledge and trends, SEO is not difficult to understand and master. 

If you are a college or university student intrigued by technology looking to make a name in the digital marketing domain. The good news is that you can learn SEO skills for free. DigiSkills, under the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication umbrella, is offering ten in-demand courses, including SEO. The course will help you learn SEO from basic to advanced levels; after completing the course, you can sell SEO-related services in international marketplaces. Take part in DigiSkills training today and transform your life.

Blog by Shahzaib Ahsan


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    May 25 2022 3:12PM

    Very nice article but lacks about the opposite/negative aspect of the SEO.

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