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Where can I learn the best SEO Courses in Pakistan?

SEO Courses in Pakistan, Online Courses Pakistan
 Published on: Dec 20, 2019

Search Engine Optimization, although complicated once you read it out loud, is a term that sums up the process of how your website ranks better on to the search engine! If you have been trying to master SEO but still haven’t got a hang of it, well you have come to the right place.

In this blog, we’re exploring the many options you have to enroll in the best SEO courses in Pakistan. So, if you are willing to learn & you’d like to bring out your A-Game in website ranking, you need to get yourself familiar with SEO & all that it entails.

The best part of getting SEO training from Digiskills is that it’s free of cost!

The List!

Here’s a comprehensive list of sources where you can get the best SEO training in Pakistan. Sit back, relax and choose one that suits your SEO needs!

This is a campus-based institute located in Rawalpindi, but you can choose to enroll in a course of choice online as well. So, you can enroll for its comprehensive SEO training that comprises of five modules.  You’ll be paying a total fee of PKR 16,000 for the entire course, which is quite affordable, I believe!

The upside of this website is that you get a chance to study online or in an authorized facility. If you feel online learning works in your favor, go for it! Save up on your transport costs & study at your convenient time and place, from the comfort of your home!

Next option for SEO learning in Pakistan is this facility based in Karachi. Again, if you don’t have sufficient time in hand to travel on a daily basis to attend these classes, you can simply enroll & learn online. SEO in Urdu is now a possibility with

There is also good news for people residing in other parts of the county who are interested to enroll in one of their campus-based programs. Training SEO is coming to your city soon, till then, enroll for your choice of course online & get learning!


Another one of those classroom learning options is Corvit. If you wish to acquire SEO training in Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi or Faisalabad, this is the best place to be! The upside of enrolling in an SEO course at Corvit is that you get to choose from two options for the on-campus setting; regular class and One to One priority class.

SEO training costs differ from city to city within Pakistan, while online rates are pretty much the same, and these are quite reasonable too. You get trained on SEO in a regular class setting for PKR 10K in Islamabad & PKR 20K for one-to-one priority setting!

IDM Pakistan

This is one of the most popular online portals for SEO learning & digital marketing. IDM Pakistan has trained over 590 professionals from a total of 42 batches, which is an amazing number!

Moreover, you are also guaranteed internship opportunities after course completion, which is great because then you can jump right into a job once the tenure of your internship is over! At IDM each course is scheduled to last for a period of 5 months where you get to access paid tools, expert trainers, live instructor-led online classes and an experience like no other! So, when are you enrolling? is yet another popular name in the industry of online courses and training within Pakistan. By the end of SEO training with, you are guaranteed to become an SEO expert for sure. You will end up learning on-page and off-page optimization, SEO planning, and much more!

This year's first batch for SEO training has already begun, so hurry up and get enrolling. The best part of getting SEO training from Digiskills is that it’s free of cost! Yes, you heard it right! You won’t be paying a single penny for becoming an SEO specialist.

If you have been on the lookout for the best SEO courses and training online or on-campus, we have listed the premium service providers’ right here. Choose and get learning!


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    adil raheel

    Feb 28 2021 10:28AM

    DigiSkills is the best place to learn SEO. The instructor of this course is very competent in his filed. Great way of explaining the topic and on the top,if you face any problem regarding your course,you just email on online support and you are contacted by email or by phone call. I am very much satisfied with DigiSkills SEO course. May Allah bless it and may it prosper further.

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    Rai Shahnawaz

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    Very detailed, courses offered by, and the blogs are helpful as well, as they cover a wide range of topics. Grateful that after the completion of my courses with, I launched my own digital agency.

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    Excellent platform for learning SEO and others courses.

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    I found best platform for beginners in the freelance marketplace and skills development.

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    Muhammad Suresh

    Jul 11 2020 11:14AM

    I am an enrolled trainee at DigiSkills in batch 7, and my experience has been amazing so far. The courses offered are practical & so comprehensive.

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    Ehtisham Nadeem

    Jun 21 2020 2:11PM is a very good learning platform.

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    Jun 6 2020 11:00PM

    These days where the world is in an economic crisis and the pandemic COVID-19 is all around - it is the best time to manage one's time efficiently and learn a new skill. is one of the best platforms to learn these new skills. And, most importantly the courses being offered are free of cost. The instructors at are experts in their respective courses, that is why I have joined two courses i.e Freelancing and SEO.

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    Malik basim awan

    May 19 2020 12:40AM

    I want to do SEO course.

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    May 12 2020 10:54PM is the best online training platform. No doubt you will become an expert in your field after taking training from this channel. Hats-off to all the hardworking teachers.

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    Muhammad Daud

    Feb 16 2020 9:05PM

    Complete information to get on track in SEO. Although I believe in, even then I will consider one of the above paid online courses after completion of my training in Batch-6. Thanks for sharing sources for further learning.

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    shahzad ahmad

    Feb 15 2020 7:51PM

    I am gonna learn SEO through The above expressed views are enough to prove me that is the best teaching platform. Now i am relaxed.

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    Jan 23 2020 10:42AM

    Such an informative blog. You people are awesome.

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    Qasim Barkat

    Jan 5 2020 2:52PM

    DigiSkills platform has brought a revolution in the realm of digital skills within Pakistan through well equipped professional tutors and well structured course work. Free of cost courses offered by DigiSkills has encouraged a pool of our youth to play their role for the benefit of their family and Pakistan. Thumbs up to your team! Pakistan Zindabad!

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    Ahmed Raza

    Dec 6 2019 7:14PM is the best place to learn the advanced digital skills. There is no other learning platform in this world which deserves more praise and honor than my do. Hats-off to all the faculty members of this learning platform.

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    muhammad zubair

    Oct 31 2019 10:02AM

    Very potential trainers and I believe they are the leaders in their profession.

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    Oct 30 2019 3:21PM

    Excellent share! All-stars information in one blog.

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    Allah Ditta

    Oct 27 2019 10:10PM

    I have taken 2 batches and got a lot of knowledge. The trainers are very professional and expert. This is an amazing opportunity for learners.

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    Oct 26 2019 6:14PM

    Best, free of cost courses from Government of Pakistan. I love my country.

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    Oct 22 2019 9:02PM

    I am new in Digiskills.

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    Muhammad Wasim

    Oct 22 2019 11:29AM

    Very interesting course. Waiting for Batch-5.

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    Oct 22 2019 11:25AM

    Hi! This is 2nd time I am enrolling in these coerces. No doubt! It really benefits all enrolled trainees but you should keep in touch with it and see all the videos and attempt your exercises and quizzes.

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    Oct 21 2019 6:33PM

    Hi! I have registered myself waiting for next batch to begin. It seems to be very interesting. I would like to avail this opportunity.

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    Oct 19 2019 2:11PM

    Hi! I have registered myself waiting for next batch to begin. It seems to be very interesting. I would like to avail from this opportunity.

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    Dr Muneeb Abbas

    Oct 19 2019 10:00AM

    I want to enroll in batch no.5 to earn passive income by blogging.

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    Oct 16 2019 11:39AM

    Very nice courses. I really appreciate the teaching skills of Sir Usman Latif, and the course is also good.

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    Iftikhar Hussain

    Oct 13 2019 7:58PM

    I have also enrolled.

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    Oct 13 2019 1:26PM

    I have currently registered and waiting the the batch.

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    Oct 13 2019 12:51PM

    This course will not only enhance your skills but will provide the complete guideline related to the career to adopt.

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    Faisal Munir

    Oct 11 2019 11:14AM

    I have registered now. Waiting for the coming batch on 6th November.

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    Oct 9 2019 3:46PM

    I am currently enrolled in SEO course at DigiSkills Program. I really appreciate the pedagogical skills of Sir Usman Latif, and the course is going good.

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    Oct 8 2019 11:35AM

    I will join.

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    Muhamamd Talha

    Oct 3 2019 11:57AM

    I have attended both, Corvit's and's SEO course. Both are good but Sir Usman Latif has done a great job. He has discussed On-page SEO in detail. has an excellent course outline For SEO.

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    I have joined again to seek more and learn SEO.

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    moh rizwan

    Oct 2 2019 9:44PM


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    Tech World

    Oct 1 2019 10:56PM

    Excellent step to empower the youth.

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    asif bhatti

    Oct 1 2019 8:51PM


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