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Creative Writing in Pakistan - Earn Stable Money with It

 Published on: Aug 20, 2019

Do you have a knack for writing but don’t know how to sell your talent? Well, luckily with the advanced technology and freelance jobs it’s now easier to learn and make money online from the ease of your home. If there’s one rule about becoming a freelance creative writer is that you need to LOVE EVERY PIECE YOU WRITE and enjoy every topic you take up. But the cool thing about freelance creative writing is that you can do it anywhere at any time. So you can write late at night, during your lunch hour, or early morning, while traveling, or while sitting through a boring conference. The freedom to it is very appealing.

So where to begin? First of all learn the art of creative writing or if you already have it, polish it further. How? Research. Start all your pieces with research and know your topic completely inside out. Leave no info unattended if you think that’ll pick up your creative piece. Next, fall in love with books. Become a book junkie and read away, this won’t only enhance your vocabulary but also widen your thinking possibilities and thought process.

Sign up with and polish your writing skills. DigiSkills is offering free of cost training courses all online to help you achieve your dream and become a successful creative writer.

Start your own on blog, go ahead and don’t be shy! Let the world read your pieces and recognize you for what you write. Blog writing can be as creative as you want it to be. Pick your niche of writing and start jotting down blogs to your site. This makes a great portfolio for your employers to hire you. Try to polish your writing skills and write high profile articles that may help you find opportunities. This way you’ll get noticed and attract audience. When you attract audience, you will attract potential employers who might hire you for your writing skills. Now it’s important to realize that you may not get good traffic on your blog site right away but patience is key. If you think you’ve written something outstanding then ask your peeps to share it around on social media platforms. That’ll help you get a kick start.

How can you learn better? Sign up with and polish your writing skills. DigiSkills is offering free of cost training courses all online to help you achieve your dream and become a successful creative writer. DigiSkills is an initiative started by the Government of Pakistan powered by Ignite. All courses are video based lectures available on the website; all you have to do is sign up and complete the three months batch. You will then receive an E-certificate certified by the Government of Pakistan that will definitely help you land jobs. They also offer nine other training courses that will help anyone start their digital career and freelance successfully.

Another good way to be recognized or get in the market is by offering to do guest pieces. Propose an ongoing trendy topic to be a bigger blogger or writer to collaborate with them and write a very professional piece with a link back to your own blog so they can travel back and reach to you. Now that you’ve gained all that experience, start writing and start bidding. It’s time to make some cash!

How can you earn better? Sign yourself up at different freelancing website that’ll help you get good gigs so you can get paid. Get yourself signed up at websites like Freelancer, BlogSpot, WordPress, Medium, Blogger etc. These websites will help you get online paid gigs and you can easily start earning online from the ease of your home. All you need is a good internet connection, laptop, some crazy ideas and a zest for writing. Voila! You’re good to go and be a successful writer. It’s just that simple really!

What are you waiting for now? Go and sign up at and learn to earn! Get your skills and start making some sweet easy money.


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    Hidait un nisa

    Sep 10 2019 5:40PM

    I want to learn creative writing.

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    Sep 4 2019 9:00PM

    I want to learn creative writing rules.

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    Engineer: Mohammad Shafique

    Aug 28 2019 2:53PM

    A.O.A! Pakistan is a progressing country. It is achieving milestones in the field of science and technology especially in the defense arms, fighter air crafts, missiles and atomic energy. Our armed forces too are best in the world. But the real power of a nation is his economy and youth. There are above 50% women in our population but the participation of women is very less in our economic growth. Digiskills is a very good platform for increasing women's participation in our country's growth.

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    Aug 21 2019 12:36PM

    A.O.A! Its a really powerful platform.

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    Aug 20 2019 5:26PM

    I really do love writing. I always wanted to become a writer but kept back because I thought I should pursue with a more popular skills such as Web-Development and Graphic Designing. Now after some research I've found it to be of great demand in freelance world. Now I`ll definitely go for it.

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