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Common Mistakes freelancers make; How to avoid them

Common Mistakes freelancers make, Freelancing Tips
 Published on: Dec 24, 2021

Becoming a freelancer seems fascinating but when you become one, it’s not something unique that you make mistakes and ruin your work or your relationships with clients at the very beginning. But don’t worry, you are not the only one; almost every freelancer does the same mistakes!
A good freelancer learns from others' mistakes and it is absolutely fine. A professional freelancer always plans well to rise above possible errors. And if you want to avoid such mistakes that can mess up your work and damage your reputation as a freelance seller then this article is worth reading. 

Client expect a quick turnaround but if you are not good enough to deliver in time then you may lose your chance for future work.

1-Time Management:

Time management is one of the basic attributes that a freelancer must have. Whether you are a student or a desk job holder you should manage your time accordingly. Deadlines for work are always for reason. Your client would expect a quick turnaround but if you are not good enough to deliver in time then you may lose your chance for future work.  Freelancers who always fulfill their commitments are most reliable and loved by clients. If you get disciplined and follow the deadlines to deliver your work you’ll have a greater chance of getting hired again by the same clients.

2-Poor Communication:

Good Communication can set your project up for success. On the contrary, poor communication causes a lack of clarification thus failure in delivering the best. Remember, remote work mostly depends on your communication. When you land on a project, don’t assume anything but wait for clear directives from your client. Read the instructions and be sure of what your client needs. In case of any confusion, do a check and ask questions right away. Having clear communication even if it takes time is far better than coming up with an unsure deliverable. Poor communication may cost time and effort resulting in revisions and from experience we can tell you that revisiting your previous work can be annoying. 

3- Choosing a Client:

Sometimes, as new freelancers, we may choose clients which are wrong for us at an initial stage. You might be thinking ‘who can be wrong as a client, well, on freelance marketplaces, the employers with no previous hiring history, or those who haven’t verified their payment method yet, or the ones who have negative feedback on their profiles can be wrong clients. So, you must figure out the right clients before you agree on a contract with any of them. Ask for the right details of the job and if a client fails to provide you with clear directives then it’s better not to work with him. Picking the wrong clients can cause you less money, and long working hours. 

4- Over commitment of work:

Over-commitment is another common mistake that usually freelancers do at the beginning of their freelancing career. Over-commitment means you have more work than you can efficiently handle in a reasonable amount of time. You might think, taking more and more work is a good idea but it is not true unless you know how much you are capable of. You should never commit to any work that you can’t do. If you think you can fake it until you make it then you are probably wrong because clients will notice the lack of quality in your work in the first place. And of course, you won’t be able to deliver quality work if you are dealing with more than your potential. When you compromise on quality of your work, you’ll fail to make a good impression on the client. Ultimately, the client won’t consider you for his next project. Keep in mind, honest and professional behavior can get you far in your freelancing. 

5- Underpricing your skills:

Newbies usually underprice their services until they get to know the worth of their skills or services. So, in beginning, there is chance that you might charge less due to lack of trending market price. To avoid facing this scenario, always perform the market research before selling your service. It should not be too high neither too low initially. 
As you grow and get the experience you can try new rates on new clients. You shouldn’t be overconfident for charging high but never be too down to charge what you don’t deserve. 

Hopefully, the article helps you in avoiding mistakes while you build your freelancing career. In case, you are still wondering about the given tips in this article, you should definitely go for the Freelancing course offered by DigiSkills Training Program. It is a great course that covers all the helpful pointers for a newbie to become a pro. Don’t miss your chance and Register yourself now.
Happy Freelancing!

Author: Zonaira Ali 


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