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A Guide to Write the Perfect Freelance Proposal

how to write a freelance proposal
 Published on: Mar 31, 2021

To enter the realm of freelancing, one needs to be good at pitching the expertise they can offer. And to achieve that, you need to be skilled at writing the perfect freelance proposal to get the best job. However, the freelance market has become highly competitive, as many professionals have switched from traditional jobs to freelancing. Therefore, you need to bring your A-game to writing the wittiest proposal to grab your client’s attention and ultimately getting the gig. 
Customizing every proposal according to every order is crucial here. But once you have that perfect proposal down, you can use it as a template, but you must put in the work to achieve it. After some research, we have listed some fool-proof tips to writing the perfect proposal to get your freelancing career started.

The client would merely spend a few seconds on your proposal. And, if you want them to choose your proposal from the rest then you need to make it stand out.

Be courteous - it goes a long way

Your good customer service and polite manners can take you far. When talking to a potential client always be courteous but approach professionally. Greet clients properly and make your proposal more adept by ending the proposal with closing notes e.g., “Best Wishes” etc. 

Carefully Read the Description 

Make sure you read the project description carefully before you decide to send your proposal. Because if the employer feels you don’t understand the project, you obviously won’t end up getting the order. Therefore, try and take your sweet time to meticulously go through the description before you start writing the proposal. A handy tip is to use the same vocabulary in your proposal as the project description as this will resonate well with clients.

Add Samples

What the client is really interested to see in your proposal is your work sample. Make sure the samples that you are attaching are of quality and would add more value to the proposal. 

Address the Important Questions First

The client wants to know why they should choose you instead of the other freelancers in the market. So, focus on addressing that question first. Don’t just state the obvious reason but instead focus on listing your qualities and how the collaboration would be advantageous for both parties involved. Don’t brag, just be honest and let your sample work speak for you.
Another thing that you can address on your proposal is your experience in the field. If possible, also mention the positive feedback from other clients. Talk about your prior completed projects and also mention your educational background and how it is relevant to the job.
Write about everything that makes you look capable for the job, but make sure you can back it up with samples or your profile.

Grab your Client’s Attention

The client would merely spend a few seconds on your proposal. And, if you want them to choose your proposal from the rest then you need to make it stand out. So, try making the first few lines of the proposal engaging, gripping, and interesting. Also, focus on making the application more personal, as it shows that you are interested in getting the job and collaborating with them.

Proofreading is your Ally 

Always, always proofread your bid before you submit it. Nothing sends the client running then a badly written proposal! A subpar proposal makes you come across as unprofessional. So, always try to check your proposal for any errors before bidding for a project.

A Big No

Avoid using generic proposals e.g., using the same proposal repeatedly on several projects. Your best chance to land a gig is to tailor each proposal according to the client’s needs and requirements. 

Try out different formats until you come across the one that works the best for you. Starting as a freelancer and making your place in the market initially can be tough. But be consistent in your efforts and eventually, you will persevere. Plus, we at are here to guide you. is a platform offering ten online courses including freelancing. This course will train and educate you on the techniques that are generally applicable for you to become a pro freelancer. Also, freelancing is a complete course taught by the subject expert Hashim Sarwar covering topics like how to write a proposal, etc. So, come and join us at and unlock your potential as a freelancer.

Blog by Munazza Khan.


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