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5 Reasons- Why Freelancers Fail on Fiverr.

5 reasons- Why Freelancers Fail on Fiverr.
 Published on: Oct 25, 2023

Freelancing offers the freedom to work on your own terms but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Many freelancers initially consider joining Fiverr with high hopes, but often they get disappointed when their gigs make no sales and eventually leading them to give up too soon!
In this article, we are going to explore the possible challenges in the way of getting success on Fiverr and how new freelancers can overcome those hurdles.

1.    Mistakes in Fiverr Profile Creation:

Most newbies jump into Fiverr without doing their research and end up with a bad profile that doesn’t attract buyers. It's crucial to understand how to make a great Fiverr profile, optimize your Gigs, show off your skills, and build a successful freelancing career. 

Each of the following points is important to consider before creating an account.

•    Use a compelling title that tells the buyers what exactly you are offering in the gig. 

For Example: 

Wrong: “I will design your logo.”

Right: “I will design a logo for your business consulting service.”

•     Use eye-catching and friendly images for your Gigs that reflect you as a seller. Never upload any irrelevant images. 
•    It is important to choose the right gig METADATA. This feature lets you describe your Gig using specific keywords. It helps more people find your Gig when they search for services like yours on Fiverr.

For Example: if you're offering voiceover services, your metadata could include details like the language, the accent, or file format you provide to clients.

What you include as metadata depends on the services you offer. However, it helps to make a strong first impression. 

Tip: Experiment with different metadata and see how that affects your impressions, views, and orders.

•    Do the research and optimize your Gigs with SEARCH TAGS. You can add up to 5 words, or phrases, that best describe your Gig, to improve visibility. Try to find out what people are searching for in your niche area and modify your tags appropriately.
•    Create all 7 gigs related to your one or more skills and make the most of the packages in your gigs.
•    Add a compelling description to all the gigs and focus on writing about your customer’s need NOT about yourself. Give your clients a solution to their business needs, mention your industry experience, and tell them how you can benefit the business of your client.
•    Make the most frequently asked questions to provide clarity to potential clients.
•    Try to add a video to your gigs to demonstrate your skills. 
•    Must add a link to an ALLOWED portfolio (on Fiverr).

2.    Insufficient Skill Development:

New freelancers may find their skill set lacking in comparison to established professionals. This can take time for their competitiveness in the market. So, newbies are suggested to continuously update and expand their skills to stay relevant.
Identify market trends and demands by conducting regular market research. Engage in networking to stay informed about industry developments. Newbies should also consider enrolling in courses and certifications to improve their knowledge. 

3.    Failure to Adapt to Market Changes:

The freelancing market is dynamic, and those who fail to adapt may find it difficult to secure new clients and projects. To stay ahead of your competitors, you should adapt to two main practices.

•    Regular Market Research: Regularly conducting market research is essential for staying competitive. This includes knowing about emerging trends, understanding shifts in clients’ preferences, and staying aligned with the industry standards. 
•    Networking for Insights: Networking is a valuable resource for staying updated and informed. Engaging with peers, industry associations, and online communities & forums provides access to the latest developments and discussions within your field

4.    Lack of Self-Discipline: 

One of the most common challenges faced by freelancers is the lack of self-discipline. Without a structured environment, it's easy to get distracted.
Freelancers should set a daily work schedule and stick to it. Create a dedicated workspace free from distractions. Use time management tools to track and manage your work hours.

In the world of freelance marketplaces, once you commit to a client, it becomes your obligation to follow through on that commitment.

This includes delivering the agreed-upon work, meeting deadlines, and upholding quality standards. Failure to do so not only reflects poorly on yourself but can also impact your country's reputation in front of foreign clients.
Avoid making excuses that are based on your issues, such as power (electricity) shortages, computer problems, or network connectivity issues. These are your responsibilities, and you should have contingency plans in place for such situations. Your clients should not bear the burden of your issues. Always prioritize fulfilling your commitments to your clients as a mark of professionalism and reliability.

5.    Common Policy Violations on Marketplace:

Common Mistakes New Pakistani Freelancers Make on Fiverr

•   Negligence About How Fiverr Works: New freelancers in Pakistan often neglect the importance of understanding how Fiverr works and the dynamics of the freelancing marketplace. They rush into creating a profile without proper research, which can hold back their success.
•   Creating Multiple Accounts: Some freelancers forget their login credentials and choose to create new accounts. This is a significant violation of Fiverr's policies and terms of service.
•   Avoiding Negative Feedback: New freelancers occasionally react to negative reviews or feedback by creating a new Fiverr account. You must know, that Fiverr evaluates freelancers based on statistics like response rate, order completion rate, on-time delivery, and positive ratings. A single negative rating can have a damaging impact on your profile. However, creating a whole new account using the same or even different credentials is not a solution.
•   Not building a reputation: New freelancers usually don’t focus on maintaining a strong reputation for their profile on Fiverr, though freelancers must ensure they do not come to a conflict or receive negative feedback from clients. This can be achieved through effective communication, delivering high-quality work, and addressing client concerns promptly. 

New freelancers in Pakistan need to avoid these common mistakes by adhering to Fiverr's policies and focusing on delivering exceptional services to avoid negative feedback. Building a positive reputation and maintaining a single, reliable Fiverr account is essential for long-term success in the freelancing industry.


Freelancing can be a rewarding career choice, but it's not without its challenges. New freelancers often face obstacles like we have discussed here as self-discipline issues, skill development gaps, and difficulties adapting to market changes. By adopting continuous skill development, staying informed about industry trends, and optimizing their online presence, new freelancers can overcome these hurdles and build a successful freelance career. Remember, the journey may be tough, but with dedication and the right approach, freelancers can thrive in the global and Pakistani markets and beyond.

Author: Zonaira Ali | Reviewed By: Nabeel Amjad 


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