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2023 Digital Marketing Trends: Unleash Your Business Potential!

Digital Marketing Trends
 Published on: Aug 03, 2023

"Ready to boost your business and skyrocket your revenues in 2023?”
Look no further because we got you covered with these amazing strategies to boost your sales and maximize your revenue. Discover the 5 killer digital marketing trends that savvy marketers are using to maximize their sales this year. Get ahead of the competition and secure your spot at the top!

1. Story Telling

There is nothing new about the concept of storytelling to sell products. Marketers have been using this strategy since ages to promote their brands.  However, what really has changed is that the story now spins around the customer rather than the product. This shift may not sound immensely substantial but when potential customers experience this shift of spotlight it ticks them greatly. This helps in winning their confidence. Just like Apple brands itself by telling a story that revolves around the protagonists.

In their latest advertisements they display the fast dynamic shots which places the physical product in second place while the focus stays on the customer's energetic and lively actions. This is surely everything right about there marketing.  

2. Simply Killer Content

“Content is the king”. These were the golden words of Bill Gates in 1996. The idea still stands true as ever. More precisely we can say that “The simple and quality Content is the king”. 


Because in this day and age, internet sites are flooded with content. When a user searches for something, he wants complete information that is easy to understand. 
Frankly, nobody is there on your site to resolve puzzles or to learn vocabulary. Give them the information that they need in the most understandable, simplest way possible. 

A complicated way of delivering the message is no longer considered creative. Use simple words and avoid complexities. Understand the fact that you are targeting an audience to sell your brand. 

So the basic takeaway here is:

•    Be Straightforward 
•    Engage your audience with Clear and Compelling language
•    Hit the Emotions to Turn Readers into compulsive buyers

Many digital marketing experts also believe that clear content is the key to the effective reach of the general public.

Having said that simplicity doesn’t mean compromising the quality. If you want to make your website an authority then you must focus on the quality of the content that you are producing. By quality, we mean to give all the information that the viewer is seeking in an interesting and easy way. 

The quantity of the information does not matter but the quality does. So, make sure you focus on simple, knowledgeable, and engaging content. 

3. Short-form Videos:

Short-form videos are considered a highly impactful marketing trend these days. 

Our attention spans have reduced. The demand for snackable content and platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook reels have skyrocketed.  Viewers love to consume a big chunk of information in a short space of time.  
Here are some important stuff you would like to know about short-form videos 

•    According to some estimations short form, on-the-go digital videos will reach 82.2% of the internet users in the Asian-pacific region alone. 
•    These have a high capacity to convey a lot of information in a small duration through images, speech, and text. 
•    These ensure accessibility and inclusivity. The availability of subtitles and captions has included hearing-impaired viewers. They can simply enjoy the videos while getting the marketing message without any hearing aid. 

4. Accessibility

According to experts, nearly 2 billion people in the whole world are suffering from some sort of disability with a total disposable income of $1.9 trillion. 
How can you expect your business to flourish if you pay no heed to their needs and overlook the concept of inclusiveness? 

Accessibility consultant of businesses “Svetlana Kouznetsova”, who happens to be deaf also agrees that people with disabilities are the world’s largest minorities, and their needs are mostly ignored by the brands. 

In her own words: 

“If our needs are ignored, businesses will lose not only us, but also our family, friends, and colleagues that make up another 3.4 billion potential customers,” she said. “Together we control $13 trillion.”

5. First-Party Data Collection

Wake up, Digital marketers! The cookies are dying, and we are not talking about the cookie monster from Sesame Street here. 

Google has announced that it will deprecate third-party cookies by 2024. This happened after the implementation of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) law. 

In other words, all the data about the likes and dislikes of the website visitors that helps marketers understand the behavior of the customer which aids in targeting the relevant ads to the right audiences is getting blocked. 
To maintain the competitive edge marketers are hoping to collect their first-party data. 

You can either sit back and relax or you can start collecting the data too to execute your personalized campaigns. 

So how do you collect the first-party data? 

The solution is “Interactive Content”.

This is different from your general content or a blog post. This is not just about the information that you are providing. The approach is to be interactive and to collect their information too.  In this kind of content, you ask your website visitors their preferences and choices. You can make a fun survey to engage your visitors and understand their needs. 

Here are some examples of the interactive content that can be applied to your website :

•    Quizzes 
•    Surveys
•    Multi-step forms

As a result, you can not only provide them with exactly what they need at the moment but also you can target them in the future with the right ads and campaigns.  

The Takeaway

You can easily hop onto some of these trends to boost your business sales right now. Also, keep an eye on others to keep yourself updated regarding the challenges the future marketing is going to face. Remember the sooner you start applying these strategies to bring the change, the better it would be for your business.

Author: Maleeha Batool | Reviewed by: Zonaira Ali


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